North American Technology Softlanding Case Study: Distribution and Sales

Our North American technology partner, Island Water Technologies (IWT), is aiming to have their efficient decentralized wastewater treatment product softlanded in China market through establishing sales channel. 
Market Entry and Opportunity Analysis
With detailed discussion with IWT and understanding of IWT technologies, ALCLE conducted a comprehensive study on government legislation drivers, SWOT analysis, competitor performance and future market opportunities for IWT technology. The target niche market has been identified and a detailed roadmap has been planned.

Marketing Material Preparation and Business Development Efforts
Professional materials and documentations have been prepared for marketing and technology implementation purpose. ALCLE leveraged the abundant marketing resources to help IWT to raise their brand awareness and technology exposure through online channels and offline events.

ALCLE WeChat article for IWT 
ALCLE brochure for IWT 
Client Referral and Sales Channel Establishment
The business development efforts successfully led to many potential requests. ALCLE conducted due diligence on these potential opportunities to ensure the request is legitimate and detailed request information (e.g. project location, project size, application fields, treatment goals, cost requirement, collaboration strategy etc.) have been collected. Eventually, a pilot demo project targeting on the efficiency improvement of the treatment system in septic tank was selected and implemented.
Technology Softlanding Support
ALCLE facilitated initial discussions and negotiations between IWT and the Chinese client. The detailed pilot plan was successfully determined and ALCLE supported the shipping logistics process of IWT product. With the clear written and verbal instructions from ALCLE, the client installed the system accurately and in a timely manner. 

Septic tank before treatment
Performance Data Collection and Project Progress Monitoring
The site situation, biweekly test progress and data collection were mediated and managed by ALCLE. The collected info greatly helped IWT to monitor the product performance and avoid unnecessary operation failure.

BOD5 removal in 24 days operation
Septic tank after treatment
Future Implications and Opportunities
The outcome of the pilot test was satisfying and the niche market has been successfully identified. This first successful pilot demo helped IWT to build the brand awareness and brought in many other legitimate opportunities.