About Us

Ambition Loyalty Creativity Leadership Efficiency

ALCLE is dedicated to providing quality services and adding values to our clients. Our client’s targets are our first priorities and we integrate clients’ needs with innovation.
ALCLE has a professional and experienced team consisted of civil and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, business professionals and marketing specialists. The team has extensive experience in water/wastewater treatment, air quality control, soil/groundwater remediation, solid waste management, project management, engineering design, technology commercialization, risk assessment, sales and marketing.

With a wide reach to various critical resources in Asia, we are committed to helping you bridge your innovative technologies with the prevailing Asian market demand and huge potential investment sources.

ALCLE will boost the business growth for our valuable clients in the following ways:

  1. Business Strategy
    Optimize business strategy with data-driven market intelligence research
  2. Branding and Marketing
    Bring innovation to market with integrated branding and marketing approaches
  3. Global Partnership
    Attract and identify legitimate global partners and investors
Area of Expertise
  1. Managing Director
    Water and Wastewater Treatment Municipal and industrial wastewater, black and odorous water, municipal tap water, drinking water, seawater desalination
  2. Managing Director
    Air Quality Control VOC abatement, Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides removal, particulate and dust control, odor control
  3. Managing Director
    Environmental Monitoring Water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring, soil and groundwater monitoring
  4. Managing Director
    Soil and Groundwater Remediation Heavy metal and organic contaminant remediation, in-situ biological & chemical remediation, environmental isotope analysis, thermal remediation, ex-situ soil remediation
  5. Managing Director
    Sponge city and ecological restoration Ecological restoration, flood control, eutrophication control, water source protection, artificial floating wetland
  6. Managing Director
    Waste Management Biosolid management, organic and municipal waste management, solid waste recycling, hazardous waste handling