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ALCLE is an international business consultancy in cleantech sector
to facilitate technology providers for Asian market penetration, softlanding and success. Our professional team has comprehensive expertise including water/wastewater treatment, soil/groundwater remediation, air pollution control, solid waste management/recycling, and environmental monitoring.

ALCLE provides quality services to our clients to form market intelligence, identify niche market, tailor market entry strategy, perform business development, locate reliable partners, build sales channels as well as provide marketing and project support.

In China, ALCLE has a wide network and established formal collaboration with government agencies, public companies, technology transfer platforms, engineering firms, investment groups, and research institutions/universities.

Technology Database
With in-depth understanding of cleantech industry, strong market research capabilities and comprehensive network, ALCLE has established a database covering various environmental fields with more than 1000+ innovative technologies and 500+ actual needs. Powered by AI, this dynamic database will assist ALCLE to provide intelligent data-driven consultancy and strategy delineation for our clients.
Air quality control
Groundwater and soil remediation
Ecological restoration and sustainability management

VOC treatment and monitoring, clean coal technology, particulate material monitoring,  odor control,
Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides removal, continuous emission monitoring system, value-added by-product manufacturing , greenhouse gas monitoring, air dispersion modeling, dust control and soil stabilization products

Green energy, ecology, and stormwater management,
 eutrophication control, floating wetland, constructed wetland treatment, and green buildings 

Heavy metal and organic contaminant remediation;
pump & treat, pollution barrier, in-situ biological & chemical remediation, groundwater quality monitoring, contaminant fate and transport modeling, environmental isotope analysis, thermal remediation, and biological remediation

Water & Wastewater treatment
Waste management

Municipal, dyeing, metal processing, pulp & water, pharmaceutical, food & beverage​​, membrane technology, municipal & drinking water, process water, desalination, water reuse​​​​​;
BOD, TOC, COD, nitrogen, phosphate, heavy metal and organic pollutants removal, disinfection, water reuse & energy generation​, disinfection, DBP control, distribution system monitoring, source water protection

Water quality monitoring,  air quality monitoring, soil monitoring;
BOD/COD  and heavy metal monitoring, VOC, NOx and SOx monitoring, soil and groundwater polution monoitoring

Sludge digestion, hazardous waste management, recycling​ of solid wastes , monitoring of solid wastes, waste characterization​​​ and waste-to-energy

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