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ALCLE is dedicated to providing outstanding solutions to various environmental issues through consulting services and innovative technology development.
Through collaborations with our industrial and research partners, ALCLE has the capability to nourish and tailor state-of-the-art technologies to meet our clients' need and maintain our competitive advantages.

With a wide reach to various critical resources in China, we are committed to helping you bridge your innovative technologies with the prevailing Chinese market demand and huge potential investment sources through our leading edge tehnology transfer platform.
Area of Expertise
  1. Managing Director
    Municipal, manufacturing, pulp & water, pharmaceutical, food & beverage BOD, COD, nitrogen, phosphate, heavy metal and organic pollutants removal, disinfection, sludge digestion, water reuse & energy generation​
  2. Managing Director
    Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides removal, continuous emission monitoring system, value-added by-product manufacturing , greenhouse gas monitoring, air dispersion modeling, dust control and soil stabilization products
  3. Managing Director
    Municipal & drinking water, process water, desalination, water reuse ​TOC, nitrogen, phosphate, heavy metal and organic pollutant removal, taste & odor control, disinfection, DBP control, distribution system monitoring, source water protection
  4. Managing Director
    Heavy metal and organic contaminant remediation ​​​Pump & treat, pollution barrier, in-situ biological & chemical remediation, groundwater quality monitoring, contaminant fate and transport modeling, environmental isotope analysis
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